AA Video Meetings

Here are the links to real 12 step AA fellowship meetings. These meetings are free to attend and it's not necessary to have a camera or microphone to listen in. Please check them out...they can be a real lifesaver! This is one of the best resources around when dealing with Alcoholism and Addiction.

Daily Meditation

July 31

Greet The Day IT'S NOT ALWAYS A WALK IN THE PARK, BUT IT'S NEVER DULL. I went to the other extreme in early sobriety, always having to make the day be a certain way. And then I figured out that being open and curious and spontaneous was a pretty fun way to go through life. We... Click here to read more.....

Afternoon Affermation

Seed of Comfort

Blessed are those who mourn. They will be comforted. When grief turns to compassion, blessings flow. When sadness turns to strength, blessings flow. When loss turns to wisdom, blessings flow. When confusion turns to acceptance, blessings flow. Blessed are those who mourn. They are comforted by self-love.

Say to yourself: I find blessings in all tender moments.