AA Video Meetings

Here are the links to real 12 step AA fellowship meetings. These meetings are free to attend and it's not necessary to have a camera or microphone to listen in. Please check them out...they can be a real lifesaver! This is one of the best resources around when dealing with Alcoholism and Addiction.

Daily Meditation

August 25

Creativity I've always been in the right place at the right time. Of course, I steered myself there. - Bob Hope Occasionally I feel at odds with what is happening in my life. I'm not in a good place, or my daily serenity is absent. Having a bad day is okay. Maybe it's not too late to change it. But if it is too late there is always tomorrow. That is part of Say Yes to Your Spirit: we can cre... Click here to read more.....

Afternoon Affirmation

Seed of Inspiration

Associate with people you admire. You don't have to put them on a pedestal or expect perfection. Emulate their ability to live with imperfection, overcome adversity and support others in recovery. Return the favor to them by passing on to others the same help they freely offered you.

Say to yourself: I am surrounded by inspiring people and seek to be the same for others.