AA Video Meetings

Here are the links to real 12 step AA fellowship meetings. These meetings are free to attend and it's not necessary to have a camera or microphone to listen in. Please check them out...they can be a real lifesaver! This is one of the best resources around when dealing with Alcoholism and Addiction.

Daily Meditation

May 5

Suffering "Every person, on the foundation of his or her own sufferings and joys, builds for all." Albert Camus In my pain, I amable to reach out to others.When I share my pain, I not only understand but I am understood. Sometimes, it is my pain and suffering that unite me with others. Other people become a part of my life and are involved in who I am. Through my shared feel... Click here to read more.....

Afternoon Affirmation

Seed of Focus

Each day of the week accounts for 1/7th of your life. That's how significant today is. Let your first thoughts set the tone for the whole day. Create a springboard for an awesome day by letting the past be what it was and diving into all your new possibilities with an open mind, a big heart and a calm spirit.

Say to yourself: I am ready for whatever today brings me.